Albemarle Clinical Trials

Thanks to an aging world population and increase in comorbid diseases, ophthalmic disorders are on the increase. Not only do they present a huge burden to society, the associated healthcare costs are significant. Which is why the search for new treatments is more important than ever.

Here at Albemarle Clinical Trials (ACT) we are actively involved in the “next big thing” from new medications to new medical devices to help improve ocular health. The passion and dedication for ocular research is evident in our highly motivated primary investigator, 3 Sub-investigators, Clinical Research Director and Full-time Study Coordinator.

Our Research Department has been involved in a number of FDA-monitored, national multicenter clinical trials. Pharmaceutical and surgical companies partner with Albemarle Clinical Trials for the purpose of conducting these clinical trials while providing accurate and reliable data.

Albemarle Clinical Trials’ #1 priority is patient safety. We follow each patient closely according to protocol, monitoring any changes in their medical history, not just their ocular conditions, in addition to ensuring their safety and integrity of the study data at all times. To help accomplish this and remain FDA compliant we work closely with unbiased Internal Review Boards to ensure patient safety and study transparency. We offer our patients the most advanced treatments and medicines accompanied by quality and professional care.