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LASIK Surgery Washington, Edenton, Elizabeth City, Kitty Hawk, Kinston

While many people are good candidates for laser eye surgery, these procedures aren’t for everyone. The six general guidelines below are a good start to help you determine if LASIK or PRK is for you.

  • Your eyes must be healthy.
  • You must be an adult. By law, certain procedures require you to be 18; others, 21.
  • You must have stable vision for at least a year.
  • You should not be pregnant or nursing.
  • You should not have a degenerative or autoimmune disease.
  • Your prescription must be within certain limits. For example, very high amounts of myopia, which would require removal of too much corneal tissue, may preclude LASIK or make another type of refractive surgery a better option (such as insertion of artificial lenses known as phakic IOLs or implantable lenses).

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If you are not a candidate for LASIK surgery, you may qualify for another laser eye surgery such as PRK (similar to LASIK but without the flap). This procedure is better-suited to people with very thin corneas or with pre-existing conditions. Always make your decision in conjunction with your doctor.

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