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I will not be compensated for sharing my story. I also release US Eye from any obligation to  make any payment to me for sharing my information or from any liability incurred in connection  with the use of this material, including claims of privacy.  

US Eye will not condition my treatment or payment because I agreed to sign this form. I do not have the right to revoke this authorization to release prior to its expiration event, which  shall be no more than one year from the date hereof or as revoked by me in writing at any time,  except to the extent US Eye has relied on it for the publication of my testimonial, or at the time  my benefits terminate, whichever is earlier.  

I also understand that information disclosed may be subject to re-disclosure by the recipient in  which case it may no longer be protected under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. 

I am entitled to a copy of this authorization to release.  

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    Albemarle Clinical Trials

    At Albemarle Eye Center, our research department continues to take part in numerous FDA-monitored clinical trials.

    Our advanced eye care center is committed to improving ocular health, which is why we’re always on the search for new treatment options, medications, and medical devices that can benefit our patients

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    We are a proud partner of US Eye, a leading group of patient-centric, vertically We are a proud partner of US Eye, a leading group of patient-centric, vertically integrated multi-specialty physician practices providing patients services in ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology, audiology, and cosmetic facial surgery at our center for advanced eye care.multi-specialty physician practices providing patients with care in ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology, audiology and cosmetic facial surgery.

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